Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell grew up on words in a world where novels replaced television, poems replaced prayer and tiny scraps of family anecdotes were as essential as food. Stories, words and narrative have always been the essential home turf on which she fights best. An avid believer that experience and abundance are the best bedfellows of good stories, Nicole has travelled extensively, engaged in debates with the old and the young and never turned down a good adventure. She has spent a lifetime playing with the feel of words in the mouth and the taste of stories on the tongue.

A trained historian and designer, with a B.S. in History from Portland State and a B.F.A. from California College of the arts, Nicole has the assets garnered from a classical and creative education and the expressive abilities to articulate the most elusive ideas. While she has extensive range in the creative and editorial world, Nicole is best known for her work helping business excavate the foundations of their ideas. Nicole’s career has spanned the corporate to the entrepreneurial and she has helped many established companies and start-ups define their brand values and future direction. She has been pivotal in redefining the aviation industries approach to business, communications and relationships and has built an extensive expertise on the future of digital impacts in business and consumer dynamics. Nicole’s superpower is figuring out what a person or company is trying to say but can’t. Her range of expertise and her diverse background give her the unique ability to pick out what’s most important to an individual or company and help form an authentic narrative that best articulates their identity, direction and goals.

Nicole has started, owned and operated a highly successful business and has a natural eye for the growth and development of business opportunity. In essence, her strength is to understand what an organization is really about and paint a picture with words without sacrificing unique qualities and vision. Nicole has the tools to help define your business in a way that will grow and even exceed your own expectations.