About The Bridge Group

Business owners of today have three dominate challenges, the hard cost and margin on products such as fuel, drinks, and snacks. Cyber marketing with all of the subtle and compressed information at such a high speed is an exciting frontier to manage. However, the most uncharted area is the actual people; the team. The team is the one which delivers the tangible products and meets the customers.

Every industry that depends on the retail application of sales to their customers is at the same intersection. “I can settle for what I have been doing and I will be all right.” It may be time to truly embrace change and discover a more exciting, functional and productive approach to the sales challenge of today.IMG_1095

It is the intangible feeling or human aspect of the business that goes forward with little or no development. We begin life with a void in relating to people whether it be at home, work, or at play. It really is a skill.

Actual tangible products are very important and do not go without notice. The pricing on products are also of some concern to customers. However, I wonder if “five cents a gallon at the pump” is a deciding factor for more repeat customers. I would suggest that a “Snickers” is what it may be, and most of the tangible products are packaged, ad ready when reaching the customer.

The area that has the most potential is very simple; Energy. Energy creates customer loyalty and repeat business. When a customer enters your establishment, they notice immediately if they are met with smiles or not. They feel if a greeting is sincere or not. The good feelings are operating at a sub-conscience and subtle level, but they have a tremendous impact on the attitude toward the transaction, and the atmosphere of the store in general.

If asked at a later date, most customers would most likely say: “They have very good, friendly service.”, “Their staff is friendly and their store is very clean.”, “I like to go there because they remember me and say always say ‘Hello’.”

Some may be unaware of the satisfying experience, and feeling they have had while in the store. Others are very aware of the pleasant visit. What is important to know is both are already looking forward to their next visit to experience and the positive energy stream once again.

Our team of facilitators and teachers take on the presence of cheerleader coaches. We are here to assist your team to help better understand how contagious good feelings are in today’s world. In addition we attend the constant challenges of generational diversity with the customers and the work force. The one invariable factor that flows through all demographics.