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Brian W. G. Clark, M.Ed

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The key to success is to learn to Adapt, Adopt and Innovate.

“well received by all participants providing valuable feedback to each on their respective personality traits, strengths, etc.”

Mark PetersonPartner, Saber Holdings, Inc.

“more cohesive and less problem-oriented; definitely more focused”

Dr. Michael SunHCA West Lake Hospital, Orlando, Florida

“integrity is unmatched and willingness to help and invest in people and organizational development has been appreciated”

Craig WaltonVice President, Emergency Services

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To embrace change is to learn the positive aspects of risk. Making changes in our lives is an emotional experience not intellectual. We change when the fire behind us is greater than the fire in front. We move forward with change when we perceive there is a value added. More reward, less punishment -- in a perfect world of change, both are present. Change creates an environment of innovation, invention, growth, discovery and the rush of excitement. You will never feel more alive than when you are in the midst of change. The positive aspects of change are the driving force for a healthy and thriving environment. Change has always been based on creating room for the new, which means letting go of a bit of the old.

The Bridge Group Introduction

Business owners of today have three dominate challenges, the hard cost and margin on products such as fuel, drinks, and snacks. Cyber marketing with all of the subtle and compressed information at such a high speed is an exciting frontier to manage. However, the most uncharted area is the actual people; the team. The team is the one which delivers the tangible products and meets the customers.

The Bridge Group is a vehicle for organizations, individuals, and communities to facilitate the discovery of a deeper and more exciting system to attain their goals and aspirations. We would best be characterized as a “hands on team”. We will not just drop off a set of written materials, but will work hand in hand with you and your team to discover and attain the highest potential of your organization and achieve your desired outcomes. The Bridge Group, as embodied by our name, assists you to create a bridge from where you are today to the next location in your evolution.