Jeff Rutowski

Jeff Rutowski

Jeff Rutowski has more than twenty successful years of experience helping organizations position their operations for growth. He has directed dramatic business conversions in the airline, mutual fund, banking and credit card processing industries. As an entrepreneur, he has coached businesses on developing the essential knowledge of their client’s demographics and psychographics to assist them in aligning their marketing message with the needs and wants of their customers.

Mr. Rutowski has an operations risk and control management background and has assisted organizations to successfully implement AICPA management control systems. He has extensive experience developing management information systems that are critical to helping a manager control and command their operations.

Additionally, Jeff brings global experience in managing remote domestic operations locations as well as overseas organizations that include Ireland, The United Kingdom, Bermuda and India.

Mr. Rutowski received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He is a certified Agile Product Owner and member of the Scrum Alliance. Jeff is also a certified Guerilla Marketing Coach. He specializes in ecommerce and optimizing back office operations.

Jeff’s skills and experience provides him seamless access to quickly assess and identify opportunities for on-site operations managers. Through coaching, he teaches key talent how to develop dynamic organization structure, leverage skills, and improve the natural interests of the top performers. These techniques grow a team that works dynamically through individual strength while simultaneously developing bench strength. Adding a highly effective coaching and mentoring program will build your organization’s future leaders and set the stage for ultimate success.

Jeff Rutowski specializes in:

• Operations process & procedure
• Management information reporting
• Headcount management & control
• Policy & procedure development & administration
• Organizational structure
• Management command & control structures
• Vendor management
• Outsourcing
• Agile Product ownership
• Product development
• Marketing
• Client experience management
• Coaching and Mentoring