Keynote Speeches

Brian Clark is a nationally renowned motivational speaker who connects with and energizes his audience with entertaining, inspirational personal stories and engaging techniques.

His presentations are filled with hands-on motivational skills that will inspire performance and affect positive change in your personal and work life as well. He will offer your employees skills to help minimize conflict resolution in the workplace. Brian will enlighten you on generational diversity in the workplace and coach your team to embrace the range of generations in organizations and how it will work for everyone. Brian will introduce your organization to the intangible products that will increase customer sales and loyalty in your organization!

Brian’s dialogue is entertaining, refreshing, and educational for all organizational gatherings.

1 Hour Keynote presentation

(2) 1 Hour Keynote Presentations
(Same Day)
1 morning + 1 afternoon session


The Process of Conflict Resolution: Conflict Resolution is one of the most exciting learning fields today. The situations are primarily driven by feelings that involve relationships. What you are dealing with during conflict resolution situation is the perception, projection, misunderstanding, hidden agendas, intimidation and gross confusion of feelings that begin to swirl around and become unmanageable. Brian Clark’s presentation will create a learning field that will give you skills and choices to craft a different outcome to these challenges. There will always be conflict, but the resolution can be more productive with a positive end result using the skills obtained from this presentation.

Generational Diversity: There is a paradox many of us are struggling with: We are being told to be flexible. Adjust and bend to the will of the masses! Do it even in the face of misery. Many of us just do it! However, many of the Y gen’s do not hold this mantra to be true. They want their work to be passionate, fun and meaningful, but there is a catch-they want it on their terms. Do you believe this to be true? Is their way unreasonable? Are the generations colliding? Brian Clark delivers a spirited presentation enlightening you on the diversity we have in our workplace and how you can make it work for you.

Embracing Change: The process of “change” is the most challenging concept presented to organizations. We have to maintain the fragile balance of a traditional foundation, which keeps the mission of the organization alive. While at the same time create an environment for innovation, invention, anticipation and excitement. All of these intangible items will bring a sense of value of by all members of the team. Join Brian Clark as he presents the positive aspects of change to your corporation. Your team will leave the presentation with tools to embrace change in your work environment. The return on investment will be the positive aspects of change in your employees and work environment!

Intangible Products of Business: When a customer enters your establishment, do you believe they notice they are met with smiles and a positive greeting? Good feelings operate on a sub-conscience, subtle level. However, they have a tremendous impact on each transaction in your business. Brian offers skills during his presentation to help your team better understand how contagious smiles and positive attitudes in the world today can affect your business with a positive approach.

Harmony With Tradition Values and the Virtual/Digital World: I found myself smiling a few years ago when a good friend told me a story. A young team member asked if he had purchased the latest iPad. My friend, quickly responded, ‘I find my “yellow pad” is much more reliable.” What was meant as humor actually has a deeper message embedded in the conversation. The diversity of generations trying to acclimate to the digital world, but still hold on to the traditional values of our society is the focus of this enlightening and entertaining presentation.