Megan Linz, LCSW

Vice President

Megan Linz is best characterized as a high energy, focused, group dynamics specialist able to positively impact the human element in business organizations. Her passion for interpersonal dynamics combined with her talents for identifying strengths, assessing job fit, creating win-win solutions and crisis intervention make Megan a powerhouse for facilitating change in organizations.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Megan has synthesized knowledge from multiple disciplines to create a cohesive and thorough understanding of interpersonal communication, group process, mediation, coaching, and change within systems. Her down-to-earth, direct approach and contagious enthusiasm has afforded her success in connecting with clients of all generations and backgrounds.

Megan has worked with state and local government, the judicial system, non-profit organizations, hospitals, medical offices, and service and retail organizations across human resource, customer service and clinical disciplines. Her experience includes group and individual counseling, job coaching and mentoring, group facilitation, education, public speaking, mediation, and system analysis. In both clinical and business settings she has achieved exceptional results through innovative assessment and analysis that led to solving complex and systemic problems for both individuals and organizations.

Megan enjoys working with people and is a natural at employing Organizational Development and Design methodologies to solve business problems. Megan is perfectly suited for the challenges of facilitating change and exploring new options for your organization and the individuals you employ.