Mark Rutowski

Mark Rutowski

Mark Rutowski has the hard to find combination of big picture vision and operational acuity. His career, spanning the course of several decades, has given him an insiders understanding of every facet of business—from the napkin sketch all the way through dealing with the inevitable operational challenges that all businesses face.

Mark is an authentic, by the bootstraps entrepreneur who has been at the nucleus of the many businesses he’s started and grown. Mark’s success in multiple industries—from ATM’s to car washes—is testament to his ability to create enticing and creative business vision backed by focused, streamlined operational capabilities.

Regardless of the needs and challenges of any business, Mark is passionate about process improvement. His range within business infrastructure means that Mark can undertake a major renovation with ease or fine tune a single aspect of operation that isn’t working. His breadth of experience means that he is highly adaptable in different operational settings and cross pollinates his knowledge from multiple industries to find innovative solutions for businesses looking to optimize growth or get ahead of their competitors.

Marks template for success relies on building the particular strengths of a business and ruthlessly editing out flailing procedures and applications. Working with Mark will help any business re-prioritize their operational goals to maximize returns and take efficiency to it’s highest level.

Mark brings enthusiasm, insight and energy to any revitalization effort. He has an eagle eye for those things that aren’t working and no qualms telling businesses what needs to be done in order to create real, positive improvements. In short—Mark is an expert at making business work.